A petri dish of deep distrust and hatred

The online ‘auction’ of Muslim women exists in an ecosystem of hate. But the sexualized attack on Muslim women is not new. Over the past year, there have been at least three “auctions” — May 2020, Eid in July, and November on Clubhouse

It reflects the divisiveness sown by media that makes free use of labels like “jihadi” and “anti-national” and, where hours after the arrest of an 18-year-old woman accused, anchors spin tear-jerker backgrounds of how she’s an orphan as if that justifies criminal behavior. (HT Photo)

Four early arrests, three in Mumbai, smell like the beginning of justice for over 100 Muslim women who were sexually assaulted in an “auction” on New Year’s Day. It’s what happens when the State takes notice of a crime of this magnitude and acts.

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